Glacier Hike to a Remote Ice Cave from Jökulsárlón

Moderate to challenging
Tour Time
On The Glacier
all necessary glacier gear and headlamps, transportation to the glacier, fully certified glacier guide
What to bring?
Meeting point


Note: this is a winter-only tour and the bookings for the season 2024/2025 haven’t been opened yet. Stay tuned!


Embark with us on the adventure of your lifetime!

This is a tour designed for those travelers, who seek to step further than most and feel like real explorers. Over the last years popularity of ice cave tours increased so much, that the most accessible caves can feel crowded with hundreds of people visiting them every day. We promise you to venture deep into the glacier, where the bluest and most photogenic caves stay hidden from the crowds.

All of our pictures are taken by us this winter in the caves which we visit. They are a very fast changing phenomenon and usually melt or change their appearance completely from season to season. We will always try to hike to the most beautiful cave accessible. However if the weather conditions will not allow hiking on the glacier we will offer you an alternative tour or a full refund.

The tour will start with a 45 min 4×4 ride to a glacier. After a short walk towards the glacier the guide will introduce you to the gear and glacier hiking technique. Expect to hike up to an hour on the ice to the ice cave. We will spend 45 minutes in the cave and on the way back try to visit other highlights of the glacier. Lunch is not provided, but there will be time to eat your own lunch on the ice.

Please note: no prior glacier experience is required, however participants must be physically fit and able to hike for 10 km with uphill sections. Appropriate winter clothing and stiff ankle-covering hiking boots must be worn.

Maximum group size: 10 people

Minimum age: 14

Join us on this enchanting expedition into the heart of Iceland’s glacial magic!

What to bring?

We provide all necessary safety gear, including crampons and helmets.
Dress warmly in layers to stay comfortable in the sub-zero temperatures, never skip the rain gear, a hat and gloves.
You will be wearing crampons, please make sure you wear suitable, stiff and ankle-covering hiking boots as wearing inappropriate footwear may exclude you from participating in the tour.

Recommended: Snacks and drinks to keep yourself safe and fueled for the adventure

–        Clothing and shoes
–        Food and drinks
–        Optional gratuities

Please contact us if you may need assistance with any of the recommended gear.

Meeting point:

Jökulsárlón Main Parking


What if it’s raining?

In Iceland we have around 200 rainy days per year, so we’ve learned to live with it. Always remember to have your rain gear with you and if you indeed use it during the tour – well, you’re having a real Icelandic experience!

Why is the ice blue?

Well, to know that, you have to join our tour!